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Do you run your own small business?

Do you feel isolated in your business world and want to connect with other business owners who understand the highs and lows of being your own boss?

Do you wish there was a safe place online where you can simply be yourself and discuss your business issues or celebrate your business highs without fear of judgement or a troll jumping down your throat?

Are you looking for a realistic business group full of “real” business people – not would be 7 figure entrepreneurs who are all about the hustle?

Are you looking for a group that offers sound business advice when required, that provides knowledge from a range of experts and that cares about the development of its members?

Look no further…

The Business Network Hub is a paid membership group full of business owners who are all go-givers.  What’s a go-giver? It’s someone who happily gives their advice and support, who wants to see people thrive in their business…who believe in collaboration rather than competition.

About Me

I’m Rachael Willoughby and one of my passions is helping people in business. I’m not a business coach but I’ve been in business for over twenty years  and now run 4 businesses so you could say I have a fair amount of knowledge and experience that I am happy to share with others. However I acknowledge that there is always something else to learn! That’s why I set up The Business Network Hub – a place where people can connect to each other, learn from each other and grow themselves and their business – I do hope you will join us!

There’s lots of free business groups out there...

Some better than others but none of them provide the support and business acumen of The Business Network Hub. Few of them care enough about their members to be constantly striving for ways they can help them. Take a look at what your £9.99 a month gets you.


Be part of out monthly online network meeting Business Break to connect with members and non-members  – price to non members is £5.

An opportunity to join our monthly Mastermind session to discuss your business issues or ideas with other members – several brains are always better than one!

A free directory listing that you manage yourself – great for SEO!

Opportunity to be held accountable for your monthly goals.

Access to videos on a variety of subjects.

Exposure on the directory for your blogs, links to any books you’ve written, events you are running and news about your business in the Members Stuff area.

An opportunity to refer businesses and be referred by members.

A variety of theme days to promote your business and position yourself as an expert.

The Business Network Hub

Here’s what people
are saying...

"I can safely say, without a doubt, that I have more than made my money back from being in The Business Network Hub. I've had some fab opportunities and gained clients. What more could you want?! Thank you, Rachael!.”

Kimba Cooper

“Rachael has been an inspiration to me throughout my self-employed career and I have seen her do the same for many others too. She is consistent, reliable and thoughtful and I highly recommend working with her or using her trusted business network and services."

Sali Wijesinghe

“What started as a small Facebook group has evolved into a fully fledged online community. The support from other members and the chance to promote your business is great. Not to mention the £100s worth of business I've already received in less than 12 months..  ”

Saheed Rashid

WORTH £9.99


Monthly Membership to BNH

The Business Network Hub

*Unsubscribe at any time – no minimum monthly tie in.