I’m sure its no surprise to you that Google reviews on your business are an important way of validating your product and service to the outside world…after all I’m sure you check out the reviews before you buy something!

So firstly make sure you have a process in place for asking for reviews every time you complete a piece of work or despatch a product. Make it easy for your customer by providing them with a direct link.

Secondly, always respond to these reviews , EVEN if they are bad ones..in fact especially if they are negative!

Take a moment to compose yourself before replying and never reply defensively.

A simple “we are sorry you were disappointed – please feel free to reach out to us so we can rectify the issue” will show potential customers that you care and are happy to sort out issues.

Thirdly – should you get a bad review then try not to obsess too much about it. If you are continually getting low scores then this is a clear indicator that something is wrong with your service and product – so you need to address this.

However if you get the odd bad review, respond appropriately and move on….or go read all the great reviews you’ve had to make yourself feel better. Human nature means we tend to dwell on the negative stuff! In one of my businesses we have 98 google reviews 95 are 5 star…but its the other three that I tend to remember!!

Finally, make sure you repurpose those reviews.

Turn them into fancy graphics and add to your social media accounts – even your email footer! You’ve earnt them so why not flaunt them!

The above applies equally to Facebook reviews too! Ideally encourage people to leave them in both places!