Payroll Year End Checklist From The Experts

PBT Accountancy Ltd are Payroll year end experts. Once Tax return season has finished, the 6th of April seems to come around very quickly so we have put together a helpful checklist to make sure that your are fully equipped to survive Payroll year end.

Item 1: Payroll report

The final payroll report can be a tense and nerve wracking and you strive to make sure that you have checked, double checked and even treble checked every detail before you send it off to the HMRC. So to prevent any heart palpitations when this deadline springs up on you, pop a reminder in your calendar at the end of March when an employee's last day in the tax year usually lands and don’t forget to type ‘Yes’ in the ‘Final submission for year’ field in your payroll software.

Item 2: Payroll records

Employee payroll records will need to be updated every year at the start of the new tax year (from the 6th April). It is …

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