Expert advice

Within the facebook group we have a number of facebook lives by experts within the group – these are accessible at all times. Here is a sample of just a few.

Why most lead gen systems don’t work on LinkedIn and what you can do about it by Charlie Wyman

Habits for Business by Jane Brant

How to use Instagram stickers for your business by Jonathan Pollinger

3 Reasons YouTube is Vital to Your Business by Cindy Davis

Emotional Intelligence and why it should matter to you by Vicky Henderson

Mindset Mastery for Facebook Lives by Vicky Henderson

Debunking Sales Myths by Rob Spencer

Instagram Tips by Kimba Cooper

Attract Your Ideal Business Clients with Ease by Dylis Guyan

How to Manage Stress by Janet Dowling

Creating Products that People Truly Want by Jen Hall

Employing your first Employee  by Annabel Yousel

How to Create a Winning Video Content Plan For Your Business by Tom Stanhope