What will an hour of dedicated input time with an experienced professional copywriter cost you? Less than you might think…

Better still, I can as good as guarantee that your investment will be far below the value you gain for your business.

Join Copy Café as a Consultancy member, and it will cost you as little as £75/month.

Of course, you can probably spend a couple of hours trawling through sites like Fiverr or Upwork, and find someone willing to charge you a tenner for an hour of their time. But I suspect you won’t risk your business reputation (or your time) on that. Am I right?

You’re far more likely to grab a cup of tea and take 5 minutes to check out some testimonials – like here (other Copy Café members) and on LinkedIn (for a bit more background).

And I wouldn’t expect anything less. After all, you need to know you’re putting your business in good hands; you want to work with someone you can trust. We all do.

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By Kyla Skinner

Hi, I’m Kyla – and I can help you enhance your writing skills. I’m the founder of Copy Café. I’m also a professional copywriter and director of The Jarrah Consultancy, a specialist copywriting, brand language and creative communications business. I launched Copy Café to provide a friendly and supportive online business writing resource hub that gives you everything you need to develop better business writing skills. I wanted to use my extensive copywriting experience to create an easy-to-access resource that encourages better business writing, at the same time as helping consultants and small business owners to improve the impact of their written communications. Discover more at https://copycafe.co.uk