Here’s what people are saying

“Best business group on Facebook by a long shot. Fantastic group with diverse and interesting members, useful advice and great networking.
I’ve never asked for help or information and had my question go unanswered.
Glad to be a part of it! “
Sophie Edme 

“I’m so pleased I joined this group – it’s got it all –
great connections with other friendly business owners,
good discussions and feedback on business-related issues,expert advice,
support and you get to promote your business too. Incredible value.”
Hazel Jarrett

“I’m a recent member and I already feel part of something special. The interactions between members are either professionally useful (software recommendations etc) or entertaining, and it is encouraging to hear of others’ successes. I second the view that the directory is the icing on the cake. LBN is a well-rounded, valuable and supportive service.”
Dave Fowler

“I love this group. It’s supportive and informative, with genuine lasting connections being made.
Now with the added perk of being in a business directory, it’s become even better.
I recomme
nd joining!”
Sali Green

Great group – friendly, helpful, supportive and constructive.
Highly recommended”**
Jodie Fletcher

“This is the best business group I am a part of that’s for sure. I am surrounded by a wide range of businesses all willing to support each other and I am proud to be a part of it!”
Rob Spence

“Great group. Friendly but professional. Helpful and supportive.
Great business connections and lots of referrals!”
Carie Lyndene

Brilliant business group for startups and established business owners who enjoy networking in a supportive and positive environment.I love the professionalism of the members. Useful conversations with a good dash of humour thrown in to keep it light.  The theme days, live tutorials and the business directory are the icing on the cake.”
Louise Jenner

A really helpful group with a friendly atmosphere. Fantastic value for money. I’m particularly enjoying some of the Facebook live sessions, these have been very informative. I love the fact that blatant ads are only allowed on the weekend. Highly recommended.”
Karen Hensman


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