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Are you a food or drink producer and you value your customers’ health and your business’ reputation?

Do you ever wonder if your paperwork is working for you? Are you confident that your food safety paperwork would protect you if you needed it for a due diligence defence? Are you targeting bigger customers that want lots of documentation or even an accreditation?

I understand.

It’s hard to find time for food safety paperwork when you’re busy producing amazing food or drink.

Work with me and I’ll help you create a food safety management system for your business that will help you ensure that you can rely on the food safety paperwork – leaving you time to get on with the things you do best.

My name is Louise Roberts and I have extensive experience within food technology and technical management. I am a food microbiologist and firmly believe in unravelling the jargon of regulation to ensure that my clients have a food safety management system that works for the business, not against it. 

I am also the founder and host of Twitter Hour #UKFoodHour every Tuesday from 2-3pm.

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