I work, in partnership with my horses, assisting individuals, parents and young people with boundary issues in their relationships.

When referring to boundaries in relationships, I am talking about how we allow ourselves to be treated, the behaviour we are prepared to accept from others, how we respond when we feel our boundaries have been pushed (crossed that line), and how well we are then able to communicate our needs, clearly and concisely to have our needs met.  Of course, this is a two-way street.

It makes no difference who we are or how old we are, being able to effectively, set and negotiate boundaries in our relationships, is an important and empowering skill to learn.

Boundaries, fundamentally, is our safety gate, that protects and keeps us safe, in all situations; physically, emotionally, mentally, etc.

By working with horses, we get to practically, experience our own boundaries.  Essentially, we get to understand the issues that are causing us great discomfort in our relationships, and identify effective ways to deal with them.

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