Christopher Handbury works closely with patients, students and businesses who require assistance to improve their health and well-being, holistically.

Having studied Traditional Chinese Medicine with some of Europe’s most respected teachers he founded, the now, award winning, Stonehouse Holistic Centre in 2011 to provide a solid base for his clients to receive treatment and training.

Along side his medical clinic Christopher teaches Qigong (a medical health system of exercise and health rehabilitation) to  private and public students along with implicating health practices into corporate businesses.

Since 2010 he has taught hundreds of students and patients all over the  world to restore their connection to personal health and nurture a future of  better health and well-being.

Christopher has received training in Traditional Acupuncture, Tui Na – Musculo-Skeletal Therapy, Traditional Indonesian Massage and Medical Qigong.

“The ultimate goal of my work is to see my clients enjoy a life free of pain and emotional suffering, my years of extensive training have given me the tools I need to make a difference”


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