Emily McNair Design is born from a belief that fashion can be produced without killing the planet and that clothing made to last is better for the customer and the environment. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. In addition to this, we work hard on the sustainability of our business both in how we run and the materials we use.


We offer a comprehensive dressmaking and design service including:

·         Luxury ladieswear and accessories from our collections.

·         Bespoke styling and production of all types of clothing and accessories.

·         Bridal design, production and alteration service.

·         Theatrical costume design and production from start to finish.

·         Alterations and mending service with vast experience in bridal alterations and vintage restorations.



At Emily McNair Design, our goal is your unique and perfect garments, be it your wedding gown, bespoke outfit or a full theatrical production. We will work with you to design, produce and finish all manner of apparel and accessories. From initial sketches and fabric samples to beautiful embellishments using couture techniques, you get as much or as little creative input as you want.

We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch to book your consultation.

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  1. Beautiful products, amazing service
    By Lucy Negus - August 22, 2020

    I recently purchased a kimono from Emily McNair’s Sari collection. I couldn’t love it more. The style, colour and detail of the kimono is exquisite, and it fits so perfectly it might as well have been tailor made. Plus, it’s made from completely recycled material, and is a completely unique, one-off piece.
    Emily’s sewing prowess, stunning designs and commitment to sustainability makes her one-in-a-million. I can’t wait to purchase from her again!

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