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What is Gamification?
Not 100% sure what Gamification is? You’re not alone.

Even Gamification professionals can’t agree on a set definition!

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Throughout history people have played games; from hopscotch to chess, from Fortnite to tiddlywinks, from conkers to cricket. We’ve all played a game and been unable to put it down because we are enjoying it so much, wanting to beat our opponent or just get to that next level…

The concept of gamification is to figure out;

What it is about those games that makes them so compelling
What elements motivate you to play
What we can learn from games to make non-games more successful
What we can take from game design to help get better results in non-game settings
Many well-known brands are using gamification in their marketing and in their courses to improve results for them and their audiences.


How I can help you.

One to One Consultation.
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Social Media Templates.
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