Sales Funnel Expert – Funneling all leads into hot opportunities and creating real appointments in front of the actual ‘Decision Maker’ for your audience.


NH Business Gateway was established back in 2014 and has cohesively worked alongside companies like Rockwool UAE, SFS Intec Ltd UAE, Hambleside Danelaw Limited (UK), Bemo Project Engineering and Paroc Panel Systems, securing the appointments they require and qualifying all hots into opportunities.

* Our appointments once set have remained secure.
* This is down to the way I believe a telephone call should be made, with an important view on listening which is equally as important, if not more, than talking.
* All raising of your company profile is done with a very committed and personal touch, to ensure ‘No One’ is hassled into an appointment.

I believe in what I deliver due to it being a huge solution to companies requiring their Sales Force on the road and not being held within the office whilst sending out numerous emails and making telephone calls.
I can take away this strain of work from your organisation with a view to ensure your Sales Force is out on the road, meeting the people they need to see (The Decision Makers) to obtain enquiries and ‘Win Orders’.

NH Business Gateway can raise your profile without you squandering time, and staff resources.
We will open any door for you to walk through, ensuring new business opportunities are created and you meet more decision makers to assist you in meeting the company’s key objectives and sales.

PR Work can be offered by NH Business Gateway where articles, LinkedIn posts, Case Studies, Press Releases, Magazine articles can all be arranged to suit your marketing / PR requirements.
Some clients have found both the Business Development Service and the PR Service has worked cohesively and successfully together, ‘dovetailing’ perfectly to provide a big boost to raise awareness of a company’s branding and products.
LinkedIn Managed Service can be offered – especially LinkedIn Sales Navigator

“NH Business Gateway will actively listen to your objectives and marketing to ensure we fully meet your requirements. 

“We offer a full time service for a part-time cost”
“I Secure Qualified Appointments (100% show up) to Ensure You Increase Your Sales Without Wasting Any of Your Staff Resources”

“This is why we’re going to listen carefully to your requirements. Then validate your leads to create 100% firm appointments for your Sales Team secured around real opportunities”

NH Business Gateway are:-
* Interpreters of your needs – taking pride in knowing we actively listen to you
* Committed to succeeding
* Proud to offer a very Personalised Service

You want every one of your sales team on the road face to face with customers closing sales.

“This is why we’re going to listen to carefully to your requirements. Then validate your leads to create firm appointments for your Sales Team secured around real opportunities”

• Ensure all leads are validated
• Firm appointments without experiencing last-minute cancellations
• Real Opportunities Created

• Sales Force on the Road not wasting valuable selling time chasing Marketing leads that may or may not be a real sales opportunity

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