Paragon Sales Solutions are the leading firm for Contract Sales, Telemarketing, Appointment Setting, Sales Coaching and Social Media Management in the East Midlands.

Formed by Director Robert Spence in 2018, Paragon are developing a strong reputation for being one of the leading Sales Consultants available.

Paragon truly care about every single one of their clients and have developed training programs and other sales documents not only here in the UK, but across the Globe also!


The Paragon B2B telemarketing, telesales and appointment setting services can create well qualified sales leads and appointments for your sales personnel.
Sometimes you want a professional, focused, consistent and proactive B2B telemarketing service to help you make a return on your marketing investments. Paragon Sales Solutions can take on this telemarketing approach on your behalf and help you to get the sales results you truly deserve.

We have a growing portfolio of clients whom have all seen an increase in sales and appointments when taking on board the Paragon Sales Solutions team; all done so in a stress-free and accessible way of working. Just see our testimonials to see how well our team can perform.

Every telemarketing strategy can achieve different results, and that is why we will work hard with you to ensure we match your expectations. We do not offer any off the shelf solutions; each campaign is tailor designed to your needs.


Sales Contracts

Every great business or idea needs a sales person to knock on the doors and to rings the phones and to ultimately win you business. By becoming a client of Paragon you get a team of well trained and ethical sales professionals all of whom will sell on your behalf. Certainly much more cost effective than taking on a full time employee!

Sales Training and Coaching

Sales skills are just like any skill set we acquire: they need to be refined and better still, they need to be rehearsed. Our training packages are all written and designed to help you or your team to get the most out of your business meetings and to assist you in boosting your revenue. We have courses available for every size business and every budget. Whether you are a sole trader, or a team of 20+ – we will work with you.

Social Media Management

The consumer is slowly turning digital. Gone are the days of spending thousands of pounds on a newspaper advert in the hope of raising brand awareness and struggling to track the reach and impact. Digital marketing is not only a vital point to your marketing plan but it is also a great tool to talk  directly to your customers, learn what they they want from your business and to get to know them personally. But, social media is a time consuming task. Do you really have the time to monitor your 3 social media platforms whilst running your payroll, selling your product and interviewing new staff members? Allow Paragon’s creative team to manage your social media platforms, market your brand well, develop relationships with your customers and free your time up to do what you love to do: manage your business.


“Every business needs sales to succeed. There are no ifs or buts about it. That is where Paragon come in. By becoming a client of Paragon we will truly drive your sales forward and help you achieve the success you deserve.” – Robert Spence


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