I help people with pain relief, the ability to destress and find relaxation. Shiatsu can help you relieve tension and clear your mind, and just feel better and healthier. Shiatsu relieves pain and aches by gently balancing your body’s energy, releasing blockages (which relieves pain) and calming your mind.

3 great things about Shiatsu:

​1 No needles ~ Just gentle finger pressure, rocking, stretches and supportive holding to create powerful changes physically & emotionally

​2 You keep your clothes on ~ wear soft, stretchy and warm!

​3 Once you’ve tried Shiatsu, it really does feel amazing and you don’t need to go back to separate therapies like massage and chiro at the same time.

I also specialise in women’s health and relieving menopausal symptoms and have a new website with this information: cotswoldmenopause.co.uk – Have a look at client stories to see how women with severe symptoms found relief with shiatsu.

​Shiatsu is beneficial and nourishing to you in mind and body. This gentle therapy is incredibly relaxing, and Andrea provides enjoyable, informative and caring treatments in a calm environment.

If you’ve not experienced shiatsu before, but you’ve had massage,  acupuncture or reflexology then you really would enjoy this style of treatment, its been likened to ‘Reflexology…. all over your body…’

Regular Shiatsu is about prevention, keeping you healthy and energised!

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Google andrea.marsh@gmail.com

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