Hand made soap and other all natural products, made in Sophie’s workshop in France. Amazingly gentle skin care, fabulous solid shampoo bars, and chemical free products, for a happier, healthier lifestyle which diminishes single use plastic waste from your bathroom

Personalised wedding favours, white label, and customised options.

The range is available for retail and wholesale, with special MOQs for LBNRG members.

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  1. Amazing products

    If you are looking for beautifully natural products then look no further! Sophie is a genius at making chemical-free products – I’ve used her soaps, shampoos and conditioner – and all are fabulous AND come with no nasty plastic packaging. Ideal for presents too!

  2. Pu plue is amazing!
    By Huggie - March 4, 2018

    I wish I know about this before.
    Its amazing little thing to have with you when you traveling, staying at someone’s house, moving in with a boyfriend. It works and I highly recommend it. Also recommend the bath salts, smells lovely and makes your skin nice and soft!
    Best part it’s all natural!

  3. Soooo scrummy!
    By Samantha Marsden - March 3, 2018

    I LOVE Sophie’s products! They my make my skin all soft and newborn like! Absolutely gorgeous and I highly recommend : )

  4. Wonderful products
    By Elisabeth Winterhalter - March 3, 2018

    I so much love the soaps!! and the way Sophie is looking after her clients!
    I highly recommend!

  5. Excellent natural products - outstanding quality
    By Karen Delfau - March 3, 2018

    Sophie’s Barn is amazing. The walnut soap is my favorite, an essential for the whole family because nothing else is as gentle or effective for sensitive skin. Good bye store-bought chemical hygiene products. Thank you Sophie!

  6. Heavenly smelling natural products

    Sophie’s Barn products are wonderful! Apart from the fact that they smell lovely, they’re effective in eliminating unpleasant odors (pu plu) and the smooth and creamy soap (honey & saffron) helps to moisturise and minimise my son’s eczema. It’s also a pleasure to buy from a rather wonderful and ethical supplier who goes the extra mile in her customer service and to ensure that her customers are treated with pots of kindness to make us feel special. Highly recommend the whole show!

  7. Handmade natural and with love

    Sophie kindly sent me a gift pack just before Xmas! I re gifted it as promised but kept the samples. I love anything natural on my sensitive skin! Ger products work perfectly and left me feeling pampered! I will also be ordering some bath salts soon too!

  8. Never experiences anything like it!
    By Marianne Edwards - March 1, 2018

    I’m not a girly girl. You can keep your scented soaps and pamper stuff… I’m just bored by it. UNTIL I discovered Sophie’s Barn. I was given some of these amazing products and they’re pure luxury – you can feel the quality of the texture of the soap in your hand and your skin (flaky, dry is my default… but who cares.), feels completely different afterwards, and now I’ve been there, there’s no going back! I’m a complete convert. Might even start wearing pink.

  9. Top quality soap for very sensitive skin
    By Jessica - March 1, 2018

    My hands are so easily prone to flaking and painful cracking, even with typical store bought ‘sensitive’ soaps. But from the first moment I used the walnut soap, my skin just felt nice. I’ve been using soap from Sophie’s Barn for almost a year now, and they’ve all been very gentle and nourishing. Honestly, I need a pocket sized one in a pocket sized case, so i don’t have to use the awful stuff you find in public bathrooms.

  10. Super soap

    Sophie’s soaps are scrummy and super suddy. All natural and highly recommended. Beautifully packaged and delightful gifts.

  11. Amazing Products
    By Mrs e goodwin - March 1, 2018

    I have used Sophies products for a while and I love them. I have sensitive skin and the soaps are gentle and moisturizing and don’t flare my skin at all. Added into the mix Sophie did dog bars and horse bars which leave my animals coats super shiny and soft. Fabulous products give them a go and if there is a particular fragrance you want Sophie can make it.

  12. Simple as nature
    By Armelle - March 1, 2018

    Natural products. Wonderful scented soaps with natural ingredients produced by a very nice and friendly person !

  13. Miss
    By Leanne - March 1, 2018

    I absolutely love Sophie’s soaps! I am very careful about what I put on my skin (and that of my children’s) as we can all get mild eczema from time to time.
    Sophie is so knowledgeable and helpful and we have found that all soaps we have used from her barn (on her recommendations) have nourished and moisturized our skin beyond our expectation. Now I wouldn’t use anything else! Thanks Sophie x

  14. AWESOME!
    By Carmen Maidment - March 1, 2018

    I have tried quite a few of Sophie’s Barn’s products, and every one of them have been AWESOME. Love everything!!
    The soaps are so soft on my skin, and the bath salts are heavenly!

  15. Natural and Beautiful

    Natural products with simple and effective ingredients. Simply packaged for that perfect present for yourself and all your friends

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