Janie Whittemore

Helping people boost their resilience, reignite their spark and rediscover their happiness for over 20 years.

Your health is the most important thing to invest in – don’t wait until you are ill!

Watch me explain how I work

I’m an intuitive healer, an experienced and compassionate complementary therapist, and I am here to help you find balance, health and calm in your life.

Havening Techniques®  uses exciting, effective and fast methods to shift negativity and create a positive and healthy mindset. Helps with phobias, anxiety, stress, trauma and past memories. Can be done face to face or via Zoom wherever you are in the world.

Reiki Healing helps with imbalances,  emotional, mental or physical or spiritual. Great if you are feeling disconnected, a bit lost, sad, emotional pain, lacking self-esteem.  I offer healing to animals too.

Reflexology places a whole map of the body on the feet. We can find areas of imbalance and right them, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

All types of sessions are individually created for you, and of course are totally confidential.

Easy to park, close to central Cheltenham.

After the first session, I was looking forward to the second. I don’t know how this stuff works – but it does! Janie is so calming and clearly knows exactly what she is doing. All sorts of stuff were stirred up in me – in a good way, and I can honestly say, things have changed big time for me – for the better of course”  (Fanny Snaith)

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  1. Gentle and Wonderful Reiki Teacher and Healer

    I have learnt so much from Janie at The Healing Company. A while after we met I felt like I’d finally found the person I wanted to learn Reiki from. The journey has felt wonderful so far and I know we are still just beginning. I’ve also had Havening therapy from Janie which was amazing, and we have become friends and walked our dogs together. I thoroughly recommend having healing or therapy with Janie, and definitely her Reiki courses.

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