Having spent most of my adult career working within Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service I have always had a strong desire to follow my instincts and research a career in a therapeutic and care giving setting. I joined Barnardos Children’s Charity as a volunteer, which involved supporting families that were facing challenges, whether this was financial, marital, personal or child orientated. This gave me a real sense of satisfaction and again drew me closer to my aspirations to work in a people orientated environment.

I started my training at The Clifton Hypnotherapy Practice in 2015, which is a recognised Centre of Excellence for hypnotherapy, from where I graduated successfully. I participate in regular supervision and attend Continuing Professional Development courses to expand my knowledge about how the mind works.

Having had personal experience of severe anxiety in my younger years, I can understand and identify with the debilitating effect it can have on everyday life. I have since gained huge benefit from hypnotherapy, which I accessed at a particularly difficult time in my life. My personal success with hypnotherapy was most definitely the main reason that I chose to embark on my journey to qualify as a hypnotherapist and I am so pleased that I did. it is extremely rewarding to see people change their lives for the better.

I am a natural communicator, my passion is people. I follow the values and principles of my peers and that is to teach people about their own ability to change, to move towards their goals and desires and to live the life they prefer.

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