Which social platform is the best marketing tool?

Honestly? I have no idea!

But what I do know is that the best social platform for your business is the one that your ideal client is on!

There are sooo many social media avenues these days facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube…the list goes on but these are probably the biggies!

I see lots of business people get themselves in a right state about which one they should be on - and as a result they try to be on them all - spending hours and hours with little results…

Is this you?  If so then take a step back…

If you are unsure which platform your client would be on then you probably don’t know who your ideal client is.

Take some time to consider your ideal client - go back through your existing clients and pick the ones you enjoy/ed working with. These are more likely than not to be your ideal clients.

Can you iden…

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9 Natty Networking Tips

Are you a total networking newbie or a Networking Ninja?

Networking is a fantastic way of generating leads for your business - but as with everything it takes a little practice and work to get it right after all its called netWORKING

Heres a few tips to get the most out of your networking activity

1. Make sure its an event that your ideal clients would be attending There' s little point turning up to every networking event - you need to work out only those events where your ideal client is likely to be attending and focus on those.

2. Be prepared Don’t be late - if there is no particular agenda for the meeting then its advisable to turn up slightly early. This way it's not so daunting going into a room full of people - and if its a well-hosted event the organiser will be able to introduce you to the other early birds.

Make sure you know the format of the event - all ev…

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Sales Tips to a Friend

I don’t know about you, but as the years go on I seem to lose contact with my old friends. Which is a massive shame, and perhaps something I should address however it seems to be a reoccurring theme. How lovely is it though when you bump into the people you used to know, and you have those precious seconds to speak with them and to get to learn about their lives all over again?

Well, this happened to me quite recently. Walking around the local town I bumped into a friend I knew from college. We got chatting and I got to learn about his recent adventures, his highs and his lows. We got chatting about my career as a sales trainer and he told me that he had just applied for a job in sales. He had never worked in sales before and was quite nervous as to what to do and how to do it. In his own words - he was a friendly enough person, he just did not have the first clue about selling.

“Rob, what advice can you give to me? Do you have any simple …
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Payroll Year End Checklist From The Experts

PBT Accountancy Ltd are Payroll year end experts. Once Tax return season has finished, the 6th of April seems to come around very quickly so we have put together a helpful checklist to make sure that your are fully equipped to survive Payroll year end.

Item 1: Payroll report

The final payroll report can be a tense and nerve wracking and you strive to make sure that you have checked, double checked and even treble checked every detail before you send it off to the HMRC. So to prevent any heart palpitations when this deadline springs up on you, pop a reminder in your calendar at the end of March when an employee's last day in the tax year usually lands and don’t forget to type ‘Yes’ in the ‘Final submission for year’ field in your payroll software.

Item 2: Payroll records

Employee payroll records will need to be updated every year at the start of the new tax year (from the 6th April). It is …

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Why Use a Facebook Pixel?

Why wouldn't you want to advertise to the people already interested in your business?  If you haven't installed a Facebook Pixel on your website, you're not able to reach these people with Facebook Ads (the most cost-effective method of online advertising).  There's so much more to Facebook Ads than boosting a post every once in a while.

When you consider that Facebook is the second most visited website in the world (after Google) and by far the largest and most popular social network, it’s common sense that any business has current, as well as potential, customers using it regularly.

Let's explore this in more detail...

What is a Facebook Pixel?

A pixel is a 1x1 image that sits on Facebook's servers - each one has a unique ID that links it with a Facebook Ads account. Adding a small snippet of HTML code to the header of each page of your website allows your pixel to communicate with Face…

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