Member’s Books

“Relationship Selling” – by Rob Spence – A straight to the point sales guide, written to help you sell more!

“The Paragon Mindset” – by Rob Spence – The only sales guide you will ever need to read!

“Your Dream Job – How to find it and get hired to do it !”by Louise Jenner

“What is Qigong? A step-by step guide to growing a successful daily practice of Qigong” by Christopher Handbury

Face to Face in the Workplace: A handbook of strategies for effective discussions by Julie Cooper

How to Discuss 360 Feedback by Julie Cooper

Five Steps to Being Heard: How to get your message across to the right person by Julie Cooper

The One to One Toolkit: Tips and strategies for advisers, coaches and mentors by Julie Cooper and Ann Reynolds

The Groupwork Toolkit: How to convert your one to one skills to work with groups by Ann Reynolds and Julie Cooper

The Job Interview Toolkit: Exercises to get you fit for your interview by Ann Reynolds and Julie Cooper

Phoenix Rises – A poetic journey from dark to light by Jason Conway

Compulsive – My story of gambling addiction and ongoing recovery by Steve Taylor

The Secret Adventures of Rolo’ fantasy adventure series full of history, written as if by my Rescue Jack Russell aimed at 7-12 year olds and loved by adults too. By Debi Evans