Business Break Speakers

Business Break is pleased to announce the following speakers for the next couple of months. Meetings are for 1 hour, cost £5 and can be booked below.

Weds 7th September

Everyone is not like you!

We will have some fun in this session looking at people’s different thinking styles and exploring how they impact our communication, our ability to work with others and our communication styles. 

Join Vicky Henderson, Chief Mindset Revolutionary & Emotional Intelligence Specialist at Ascend Performance Coaching and learn how to communicate better with your ideal clients.

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How You Can Increase Your Sales Conversions By Up To 300%!

It’s easy to grow your business in a boom market. Many businesses grow by default.
They may even become reactive order takers and let’s face it, there is nothing wrong with that!
It’s absolutely OK in a BOOM market
However, when “CHALLENGING TIMES” becomes the “New Normal” those who can demonstrate their ability to connect with their ideal clients at a deeper, more intimate level will be the ones winning the business.
This is the era of the professional proactive business developer who can grow their sales in any market or economy.
In this talk Sales Sage and Business Mentor, Carie Lyndene shares her insights to help you increase your sales conversions by up to 300%!

Managing your money in a way that works!

Looking after our money, very closely, has NEVER been so important.  With prices rises all around us – energy, fuel, NI, food etc we MUST take care of our cash if we want to preserve and build it.  Why do we need to build it? Because we are heading for 10% inflation which means the value of our money is going down – by 10%. 

Fanny Snaith likes to look at our money lives as a financial adventure.  In all adventures there are challenges – but the more ready we are for the challenges the better.  For any adventure, we need a map.  Fanny Snaith has devised and created a Money Map – a way to organise your day to day finances so that you are always ready for the challenges that come along.   Use it for your personal finances, use it for your business it works for both….

Self determination Via Yoga and Ayurveda

6 April is Self Determination Day
Yoga and Ayurveda give you the tools to build your self-determination.

Katie Maughling, from Petalouda Yoga & Wellbeing explains how yoga and Ayurveda can support your business through the aspects of Dharma and Artha. In Ayurvedic Health & Lifestyle coaching, being on track with your purpose in life is an essential part of life.

Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy support you creating and achieving your dharma through various practices and incorporating these practices into your daily life. This boils down to habit formation. Deciding upon the right habits and taking the right action.

There’s no better day than self-determination day to fuel your desire to improve your dharma by improving your lifestyle.

Get More Sales For Your Business in Just 4 Weeks

As a business owner, you have a lot of plates to juggle, with one of the largest plates being SALES. That’s the one no-one ever wants to drop!

In this fast-paced, informative and enjoyable session, sales coach, author, and MD of a leading sales & marketing firm, gives us the fundamentals sales skills and insights that any business owner can implement rapidly!

If you want to start to achieve more sales for your business, this is a session you do not want to miss!

Write content that ranks in Google and gets read by your ideal customers

How to write content that ranks in Google and gets read by your ideal customers

Imagine if Google gave you free leads and sales! With 93% of all online experiences beginning with a search engine this could result in a real boost for your business. In this session you’ll learn how to write content that ranks in Google and gets read by your ideal customers so that your website naturally generates leads and sales.

Hazel Jarrett has 20+ years SEO experience. She provides a powerful SEO service for UK business owners and also has some value-packed training courses to help smaller brands grow faster, quicker.

Eat Well to Work Well

Discover how to tweak your eating habits & lifestyle habits to optimise your health, weight & productivity.

Jane Mallett, Nutrition & Weigh Loss Consultant, has been successfully helping people to change their eating habits for over a decade. Whether it be for weight loss, health, self-confidence, more energy – Jane can put you on the right path.
She is passionate about simplifying nutrition for her clients and giving them the tools they need to make the necessary changes in such a way that those changes become permanent.

Marketing Made Easy!

We all have to do marketing in our business, but too many people feel overwhelmed, frustrated and afraid by it. It’s a huge topic. But Marketing doesn’t have to feel salesy or spammy, and you can make it work for you.

It’s just a conversation after all…

In this talk you will learn from Marketing Mentor Kaye King Why marketing is nothing to be afraid of, how to embrace marketing in your business and how to promote your businesess without feeling spammy.

Plan your 2022 social media – an interactive session

If social media keeps slipping down your “to do” list, because it’s never a priority – maybe now is the time to start thinking differently.

With the world becoming ever more digital focused – winning the social media game has never had so much potential.

Planning your content ahead of time helps you to be consistent and deliver real value to your customers.

Stop procrastinating about planning your social media and let’s plan it together.

An interactive session that will set you up for 2022 and beyond.

Rachel has been a social media trainer for 6 years and regularly helps small and medium sized businesses to make social media easy.

How to prevent late payment and boost cash flow

Have your customers ever paid you late? Can you afford to be an interest free bank for your customers? Late payments are not the problem, they’re just a symptom that something is missing, or not being done as effectively as it could somewhere in the cycle between receiving a sales enquiry and getting paid.

Nicki Kinton, Credit Management Director from Confident Cashflow, will help you to identify areas for improvement in your business that could help you to get paid on time and boost your cash flow.

How to be more resilient.

The world we live in is changing at an unprecedented rate, so is the way we work. Resilience has become a key skill we need to survive. We need to recognise when our wellbeing is being threatened and be able to bounce back from tough situations.

This session will give you some strategies to minimise the impact of challenges. We will explore what resilience is, how to deal with overwhelm and how to change your thought patterns when they are unhelpful so that you can be happier, healthier and more productive.

Julie Cooper is a trainer and coach specialising in one to one skills and the author of six books including Face to Face in the Workplace and The One to One Toolkit.

Live audio – should you be getting involved?

There’s a lot of buzz around ‘live audio’ services which was kicked off by Clubhouse and followed by Twitter Spaces. Facebook is working on a live audio service too.

In this Business Break, Jonathan Pollinger – 11 years experience and over 100 recommendations on LinkedIn – will bring you up to speed with the latest live audio news and explain why live audio might be something you want to get involved with.

Avoid trashing leads – 3 places you’re throwing them away and how to revive them.

Tania Jones loves to work with small business owners who know they need to improve their lead generation processes and business systems to fully achieve the growth they dream of.

Using her in-depth technical experience  and strategy skills she helps small business owners attract their ideal leads, use CRM and automation techniques to nurture, organise and follow up with them automatically.

If you want to discover 3 places leads are being lost and how to avoid it, sign up for this talk.

Secrets That Sales Gurus Don’t Want You to Know

The term ‘sales’ can strike fear in us all.

Sure, as business owners and entrepreneurs we all know that sales is one activity we should not neglect; but can be overwhelming, confusing and sometimes nerve-wrecking.

Rob Spence is a sales trainer, author of 3 sales books and self-confessed sales nerd. In this session, Rob will share with you the hints, tips, tricks and secrets he has used to turnaround small businesses, enhance corporate businesses, and also grow his own business.

This no-nonsense session will contain no fancy jargon, no trademarked systems and no ‘5-step’ programs; just straight forward sales advice that will help you to increase your bookings, appointments, leads and sales!

Why Podcasts are Good for Business

Owner of Made4U Podcasts, former BBC journalist and international satelliteTV news presenter, podcast presenter, podcast coach and public speaker, Serena Gay discusses why you should be considering using podcasts for your business.

How to create a Self Concept

Vicky Henderson is a Mindset Revolutionary, Emotional Intelligence Specialist and award winning mentor.
Everything starts with you, how you think, what you believe, your behaviours and your actions. Vicky will introduce you to your Self-Concept, show you how to map it out and how to start developing it. This is all about personal leadership and personal leadership as the foundation of success in both life and business.
Bring a pad, pen and be prepared to be completely honest with yourself!

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving

Accountant Ian Morgan shows you how to take actionable steps to create real success in your business.
Ian has run MBS Accountants for over 10 years and yet by his own admission most of that was just about surviving. In 2018 he decided it was time to make this far more successful and achieve what he originally set out. Ian will talk to you about the steps he has taken and helped numerous clients taken to get to that next level. The focus is back to the original reason YOU started doing what you do. It’s time to stop surviving and start thriving.

The 3 Critical Cs Of Successful Sales

Carie Lyndene (Creative Sales Results) is a Sales Specialist who works with purpose driven Entreprenuers to reposition their business model so they can secure their dream income even in the most challenging of times.

Imposter Syndrome – Taming Your Inner Critic

More than 70% of people experience Imposter Syndrome at some point in their life.  For some people, Imposter Syndrome can be completely debilitating and lead to anxiety, stress and burn out. 

Cornelia Raubal works with high achievers to help them step into their next leadership role with impact and confidence. In this talk she shares practical strategies to turn your inner critic into a cheerleader.

How To Increase Your Profits in 5 Simple Steps

Award-winning accountant Hetty Verney,
from Hetty Verney
Accounting discusses how to make your business a more profitable entity.

Hetty is not your average accountant!

Sleep your Way to Success!

Not what it initially sounds like not sleeping with the boss!

Janet Dowling is a renowned hypnotherapist and sleep expert and in this talk she gives useful tips on how you can improve your sleep patterns to enable you to feel more energised in your working life.