A chance meeting and the world for three changed.

I’m often referred to as the ‘Lady that makes people cry’. You might think, how sad and terrible but these tears are salty drops of relief, understanding and acceptance.

I have no problem with talking with people, I’m comfortable introducing myself and business and that’s often how the conversation starts. As I share what I offer the conversation grows and so very often something amazing takes place. There’s a look in an eye and tears are formed. As those salty drops begin to form, a trust is created and a deep-seated pain is given a voice.

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By Lynda Taverner

I’m a multi award winning and nominated business that’s all about setting children/families free in their education and family life. Experienced mentor with Ofsted Outstanding for work in school and a demonstrated history of working with children and families. Specialising in : Tailored Sessions|Individual Support and Advice| Children with Additional Needs |Foundational Parenting |Public Speaking.