Make the most of your podcast guest appearances to put yourself in the best possible limelight.

The main things to keep in mind are :

  1. Treat the opportunity like you would any friendly conversation 
  2. Always listen to one of two editions of the podcast in advance
  3. Insist on a pre-interview call to find out what the podcaster wants from you and feel free to ask lots of questions 
  4. Don’t write down and read your answers (but you wouldn’t would you?!)
  5. Use your podcasting mic if you’ve got one and prepare your voice by hydrating it
  6. Be clear in your mind what you want out of the podcast interview and be certain to follow through
  7. Make sure you promote the finished product to your followers  

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By Serena Gay

I founded Made4U Podcasts which launches and runs lively and intelligent podcasts for corporate clients of all sizes. Wondering if podcasting is for you? Have a look at this short podcasting guide: My speciality is explaining the process of podcasting in simple, easy to follow ways for those choosing my in-house podcast courses. For those who just want it made for them - I'm ready, willing and able! My skills range from podcast production expertise to pithy and persuasive copywriting for broadcast and print. I also have years of experience voicing material for radio, TV and online outlets so I work with the spoken and the written word to convey well-researched and engaging content. A former BBC World Service news journalist, I also worked many years in Berlin for the English service of Germany’s public international broadcaster, DW TV, on news, documentaries and promotions. My voice can be heard in museums all over the world guiding visitors round exhibitions and on podcasts for all kinds of clients. Much of my recent writing has been composing Queen’s Honours nominations. The joy – and challenge – of this work is to master information from fields as diverse as medicine, architecture, insurance, commerce and fintech. I also have social media marketing skills developed managing companies in Germany and the UK.