Honestly? I have no idea!

But what I do know is that the best social platform for your business is the one that your ideal client is on!

There are sooo many social media avenues these days facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube…the list goes on but these are probably the biggies!

I see lots of business people get themselves in a right state about which one they should be on – and as a result they try to be on them all – spending hours and hours with little results…

Is this you?  If so then take a step back…

If you are unsure which platform your client would be on then you probably don’t know who your ideal client is.

Take some time to consider your ideal client – go back through your existing clients and pick the ones you enjoy/ed working with.
These are more likely than not to be your ideal clients.

Can you identify certain traits?

Create an actual character, give them a name, describe their living environment, their relationships, income bracket, job, shopping habits, leisure time….You’ll be surprised at how much fun this is and even more surprising but it will become obvious which social platform they would favour!

Then focus all your marketing on that platform only!

Obviously you may decide that your ideal client is on more than one  – but my advice is to master one platform at a time!

We have lots of social media experts in our membership-based facebook group who are always willing to have their brains picked!

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