Do you feel like you’ve established who your ideal customer is (if you need more help with this, check out my Attract & Boost course to learn how to identify and attract your ideal customers) and you know you need to write blog posts? You may even have a topic in mind.

The problem is that you’re just not sure how to use your WordPress site and you’re scared to death that you’ll mess it up if you try to publish anything.

Last week, a lovely business owner confessed that this very fear has been holding her back from writing blog posts. As she put it, she’s “absolutely terrified of the techy stuff”.

If this sounds at all familiar, the next few blogs I’m going to publish are for you! I’m going to help you push through your techy fears to get that all-important first WordPress blog live.

Let’s get started with the first in the series – How to log in to WordPress and write your first blog.

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